Our Value to Clients

As true trusted business advisor, we add value to our clients through:

Moving up the value chain from delivering Hindsight,
To providing technology-enabled, real-time Oversight,
So they can deliver value added Insight,
As well as, mission critical Foresight.

Let’s look at each value-adding step:

Hindsight: is the act of reporting on past outcomes. As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. It’s difficult to add value at this level.

Oversight: is the business of reviewing your financial information with an eye toward addressing issues before they become problems. We utilize cloud and mobile technology, not just as an information transfer utility, but as a means of keeping an eye on day-to-day outcomes.

Insight: is the art of helping you, or your staff, fully comprehend the implications of what appears on the financial statements. We refer to this as Financial Fluency in support of growing your, or your staffs, business acumen.  In addition to being a good accountant,  we want our clients to understand and strategically respond to what’s happening and to become an essential partner in your success.

Foresight is the science of breaking down company goals and strategies into key performance indicators. The operative word being “indicator.”  At this level of engagement , our professional staff are focused on improving the quality of information for decision making. They do this by identifying the 20% of activities that are driving 80% of outcomes. Populating a client’s business dashboard with strategically aligned indicators creates an environment of measured predictability.

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